We offer two options:

  • Clay prints are for infant age and up.
  • The clay print can just be painted or turned into a santa, a Christmas tree, an Easter bunny, etc.
  • Pick up after 4 weeks.
  • Foot prints are best for children under age two.
  • Age two and older are usually fine with hand prints.
  • We recommend darker colors because we are only pressing the print once on pottery.
  • Paint is lead free, non-toxic, and washable.
  • Pick up after one to two weeks.

Additional details:

  • Appointments are usually best when working with prints. We want to assure that enough time is given for your family.
  • Decide what you would like to do with your print, you may leave it as a print only or turn it into something such as a butterfly, a lady bug, a tractor, etc.
  • We have plenty of samples and ideas to help you make your decision and the internet is also a wonderful source for inspiration.
  • You may finish your piece, return to finish, or if you would like us to finish it for you, there is a custom artwork fee added. We are happy to help!